President - Patty Fernandez President - Patty Fernandez
Patty joined the Friends in September 2018. She and her husband Russ are long-time Hoboken residents, living in town since 2001. They have one son attending HCS. Contact at:  [email protected]


Vice President - Daria Vogel Vice President - Daria Vogel
Daria is a 20 plus year resident of Hoboken and has two daughters attending HCS. She has been involved with the Friends since her older daughter was in Kindergarten and is excited to be officially joining as VP this year. Daria works in the film industry. She is a big fan of Hoboken, HCS, and karaoke. Contact at:  [email protected]


Treasurer - Rob Johansen Treasurer - Rob Johansen
Rob joined the Friends as treasurer in June 2017. He and his wife have four children attending Hoboken Charter School. Contact at:[email protected]


Friends Secretary - Liran Mignone Friends Secretary - Liran Mignone
Liran and her husband have been Hoboken residents for over 10 years. They have 2 sons. One who is currently attending HCS and another who will join HCS in fall 2021. Contact at:[email protected]


Communications/Marketing Officer - Joseph Fung Communications/Marketing Officer - Joseph Fung
Joe directs the communications strategy, online presence and social media outreach and manages the technical infrastructure for the PA, including the web site, communications technology, and fundraising event management and transactional systems. He first arrived in Hoboken in 1982 to attend Stevens Institute of Technology and returned as a Hoboken resident in 1993. Joe and his wife, Valerie, have two daughters, one a current HCS student and another who is an alumnus. Joe has been involved with the Friends since 2012. Joe’s information can be found here. Contact at: [email protected]


PA Rep to the Board of Trustees – Dana Wissing PA Rep to the Board of Trustees – Dana Wissing
Dana and her husband, Dylan, are long-time residents of Hoboken and have one son attending HCS. Dana has spent the last twenty years working in learning and development for two major corporations. Prior to moving to the corporate sector, Dana spent eight years working in various aspects of non-profit theater administration. She can be contacted at [email protected]


Friends Trustee – Elissa Brachfeld Friends Trustee – Elissa Brachfeld
Elissa Brachfeld is a FoHCS Trustee and a parent of two girls at HCS. She was President of FoHCS from Sept 2011 to Aug 2014. Prior to that she was secretary & VP of the organization.


Friends Trustee – Karen Platt Friends Trustee – Karen Platt
Karen is a Trustee of the Friends, having served as Vice President from 2012 through 2016. Karen and her husband, Christopher, have lived in Hoboken for over 20 years and love raising their two boys in such a great community. Both boys (classes of 2023 and 2026) have attended HCS since Kindergarten. By day, Karen is a partner at a boutique matrimonial law firm where she guides her clients through the emotional and financial challenges of divorce. She can be contacted at [email protected]


Friends Trustee – Karen Kelly Friends Trustee – Karen Kelly
Karen has been a Trustee of The Friends of Hoboken Charter School since 2014. Formerly, she was the President of the Friends of Hoboken Charter School from 2014-2017 after serving as Secretary in 2013. She is the mother of three sons who are attending HCS. She can be contacted at [email protected]