PA meeting minutes 9/23

Welcome from KK

Scott Hofsess — Treasurer

Explained that the PA holds the mortgage, that we fundraise to help with building and to pay the school the $100k.

All we raise goes back into the school.

Steve Calmas – Fundraising Chair

Reminds us that during the fire, families mobilized tremendously for the rebuild, add that we procured a big donation from HP thanks to the work of a parent, and another parent donated the artificial turf for the roof, etc.

Now, many parents give time on building repairs and improvement.

The PA has made $100k commitment to the school, but the needs of the school go beyond that.

Primary fundraising activities will be:

1. Wine tasting in November

2. Auction in January

3. Golf Event

4. Annual Fund

Christine Sheedy – PA representative to the School’s Board of Trustees

Explained that the School’s Board of Trustees is 8 people, 5 are parents. The Board meetings second Tuesday of every month. All are welcome.

Administration is focused on education

Board of Trustees works like Board of a corporation, overseeing the business of the school

The Friends of Hoboken Charter School, i.e. the “Parents Association” is made up of all parents in the school. PA’s main focus is fund raising because the school can’t fundraise as it is not a 501(c)(3). The PA’s fundraising became a lot more serious when we had to start paying for real estate. The PA owns the building because we could get the mortgage. The School receives money for the Board of Ed, and some of that is used for facilities; the School, pays rent to the PA that goes towards the mortgage.

Deirdra Grode – Executive Director

The NJ Charter Schools Association lobbies for charter-friendly legislation. It is critical to the success of HCS that our parents support charter schools by staying informed and advocating for supportive policies and laws. Go to NJCSA’s website for more information or like them on Facebook.

All K-8 teachers at HCS now have class websites that parents can peruse to stay informed about their child’s courses.

Back to School Night is next week.

The Lower and Middle School event is on 9/29 from 6:00-7:30PM and the Upper School event is on 10/1 from 6-7:30PM. Each event is in their respective school building.

Our Open House events are geared toward prospective parents as well as our own families who wish to learn more about a specific division of the K-12 program. The evening separates the school presentations into different sessions: one for the Lower School, one for the Middle School and one for the Upper School. The Lower and Middle School Open House events will be held on 10/23 and 11/20 from 7:00-8:00PM at 713 Washington St. The Upper School events will be held on 10/16 and 4/1 from 6:00-8:00PM at the Demarest site on 4th and Garden Streets.

Online grade books will soon be available for all middle school and upper school students and parents. We hope that this will help students and parents to stay informed about their child’s academic progress. In December, parents of K-4 students will see a new report card format that aligns to the Common Core State Standards. Report cards will now be emailed to parents rather than mailed.

Chris Sell, Mollie Small & Melissa Fisher introduce themselves

Chris Sell – Upper School Principal – spoke about current initiatives in an effort to continue transforming the Upper School to ultimately become one of the most competitive high school programs in the area. School administrators are in the process of creating a strategic three year plan around academics, extracurriculars and college & career readiness and encourage all families to participate in the Oct. 7 Strategic Planning Meeting at the Demarest at 6:30PM.

Melissa Fischer – Special Ed coordinator, here to support kids through being

Mollie Small – new Vice Principal. new to HCS, served as VP at a school in Virginia before coming to Hoboken.

Fun stuff —

Upcoming Events —

Halloween Party – 10/26/14 at Elks Club
Sally Cannon & Maria McGovern are coordinating
2:00 – 4:00 grades K-4, 4:00 – 6:00 for middle school.
$10 a person; tickets will be available on line.
Volunteers needed – baking, decorating, etc.

Wine tasting – 11/20/14 at Elks club
Run by Sparrow, HCS is the beneficiary
Open to all adults who wish to come

Auction – TBD, will be in January
We need a committee, so if you have expertise in party planning, soliciting donations, etc.
Cindy Altberger & Marni Kreigel are coordinating
There will be a planning meeting on 10/1 – Wed. at 8:30 a.m. At Marni’s house

PA Reps will solicit volunteers for these events as needed.

Other volunteer opportunities —

Volunteer coordinator – We would love to have someone coordinate the volunteer requests, using a website to coordinate.

LOTS — Lunch On The Students – on Wednesdays, HCS collects lunches for the homeless shelter.

Easy ways to give to the school —
Box Tops
Labels for Education
Coke Rewards
Target card

Next Meeting – 10/28/14 at 7:00 p.m.

Open discussion — What do you want from PA —

Fun Run – do laps to raise money for school, or a 5 K race

Reminders — send e-mail to school about different ways to give.

Service Learning Overview

Understanding the Educational Philosophy of the school – differences between lower and upper schools

How can parents bring knowledge to the classrooms – maybe a survey of different skills parents have to offer