PA meeting minutes 10/28

Welcome and introduction — Karen Kelly, FoHCS president

Upcoming Events

Halloween party — Karen invited parents to share feedback for improvements.

There was a great turnout, and middle schoolers liked having the separate party. Extra food was donated to the shelter.

There was a parent request for increased communication around volunteer responsibilities leading up to an event. Parent volunteers were unsure what was expected of them.

PA can be more involved in follow-up with events, particularly with the Kindergarten class, as these families are new to HCS. The PA will also look into reusable event banners or sending home flyers in backpacks.

Also note, as some families would like to pay admission using cash, rather than using credit cards. The PA will communicate in all signage and emails that you can pay at the door, or sell tickets in front of the school at drop off / pick-up.

Book Fair is coming up on Dec. 4 & 5.

Will need volunteers to staff this — two parents for each hour-long time slot. The PA will be emailing out a call for volunteers.

Teachers will also be able to create wishlists that parents can purchase for the classroom.

The Annual Auction is the key fundraiser of the year. This year’s event will be January 28 at McLoone’s. This event raises approximately $50,000 for the school.

Monday Nov. 17 is the next auction planning meeting. Volunteers are needed to solicit auction prizes, assist in planning activities, and secure event sponsors. Note regarding sponsorship levels: one-line “shout-outs” were added at the $100 level.

The committee would like each family in the school to provide one connection for an auction prize. There is a list of businesses already being solicited, to ensure we aren’t asking businesses twice. Reach out to Cindy for this list.

Families who would like to host “socials” or themed parties as auction prizes should contact Cherie.

Update from the Administration

  • HCS Upper School held an Open House on Monday. This year, we had more interested families from Hoboken than in most years prior. There were interested visitors from almost every public and private middle school in town.
  • A strategic planning committee has been formed by HCS administration in an effort to make the HCS Upper School one of the most competitive and desirable high schools in the area.
  • Surveys for Upper School planning have been provided to the committee, and additional surveys will be also shared broadly with K-8 and 9-12 families as well as with administrators from other elementary and middle schools in our community.
  • The school social worker, Lauren Freylikhman, has been working to create parent informational sessions on relevant topics. Partnering with professionals, HCS will be working with the PA to offer these, including suicide prevention (grades K-12) and stress management (grades 5-12).
  • Mr. Duff recently organized the annual Make a Difference Day assembly through which K-12 students presented their class service projects.

Other initiatives from FoHCS

  • FoHCS Parent Survey – The PA will be sharing a survey with the parent community to learn more about volunteer interests as well as expectations of PA.
  • Fundraising – The annual fund letter will arrive in your mailboxes over the next couple of weeks. This is the annual fundraising drive for parent donations.
  • Next PA Meeting will take place on Wednesday, December 3