HOBOKEN, NJ – May 15, 2017

On Saturday, May 13 2017, thirteen Hoboken Charter School students in grades four through sixth participated in the North Jersey Elementary Science Olympiad held at the Bergen Arts and Charter High School in Hackensack, NJ. Students are members of the HCS STEM club and competed in a variety of science-related events. The following student groups received medals:

  • First place – Toby Platt and HCS Middle School Student
    Event – Crossword Science: The purpose of this event was to test the student’s knowledge of scientific terminology. Definitions of science vocabulary words were presented to students in a crossword puzzle format.

  • First Place – Eli Baruchin and Agastya Batch
    Event – Which Way is North: Teams of up to two students attempted to navigate themselves around a state road map.

  • Second Place – Toby Platt and Alex White
    Event – Write It, Do It: One student was shown a contraption built from various materials and had to write directions to build it. The other student took those written directions and had to reproduce the original.

  • Fifth Place – Eli Baruchin and Caitie Fung
    Event – Bridge Building: In this event, students had to build a long, strong, stable and reproducible bridge from plastic straws and one meter of masking tape capable of supporting the weight of an object, for 10 seconds.

  • Fifth Place – Emmett Greer, Toby Platt, Alex White and HCS Middle School Student
    Event – Tennis Ball Catapult: Students had to build and calibrate their own free-standing (not hand held) trajectory device that had to be capable of “lobbing” a tennis ball at a target placed between 2 and 5 meters.



PRESS CONTACT: Elizabeth Niesz, K-8 Vice Principal, Hoboken Charter School, 713 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030, Tel: 201-963-0222