HOBOKEN, NJ – May 23, 2016

On Monday, May 23rd, the Hoboken Charter School third and fourth grade classes went on their annual field trip to Carnegie Hall. Both classes follow a curriculum called “Link-Up: The Orchestra Rocks.” This is a program where students are immersed in different styles of music and learn how the orchestra “rocks.” Students learn all the songs in their music classes that will be performed at the end of year concert, which includes both singing and playing the recorder.

Every year, Carnegie Hall has a contest through which schools can submit a video of all the songs the students have been working on in preparation for the concert. Winners get the incredible opportunity to perform on stage at Carnegie Hall with the orchestra for the end of year concert. Schools from all over NJ and NYC submit videos each year. The competition is fierce because not only do so many schools participate, but there are many schools that have multiple classrooms, and these schools send multiple videos for every class they have. This year, the HCS 4th grade class of 22 students was selected as one of the winners to perform on stage at Carnegie Hall!

When the students arrived on May 23rd, HCS fourth graders met the conductor and the composer who wrote two songs for this concert. They then performed six songs including “O Fortuna” along with the orchestra and students from Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn. It was such an incredible day that will stay in their memories for the rest of their lives.

PRESS CONTACT: Mollie Small, K-8 Vice Principal, Hoboken Charter School, 713 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030, Tel: 201-963-0222

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