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Your contributions are critical to the Hoboken Charter School. As detailed below, your taxes are, unfortunately, insufficient to fund charter schools. The state of New Jersey has never provided adequate funding and has been slowly reducing the funding over time.

The original New Jersey charter public school law mandated per pupil funding for each charter public school student equal to 90 percent of the amount allocated for a child in a traditional district school in the same school district. In fact, the actual result currently averages about 78 percent. In the new school-funding formula, some charter school students are getting funded at less than 65 percent per student. This is because charter school students get none of the so-called adjustment aid afforded by the state to districts under the School Funding Reform Act. In districts receiving high amounts of adjustment aid, the disparity is greatest for charter school students.

Unlike traditional public schools, charter public schools get no facilities funding from the state. There are no bond issues for charter public school construction and improvements. Not one red cent has been spent for charter school facilities from the $10 billion New Jersey has invested in public school construction over the past 10 years. Charter schools finance their facilities from operating funds and fund-raising campaigns.

The proposed state budget aggravates the historic inequity. The stated objective of the proposed budget is to assure school funding at least equal to this year for all districts. Yet, this is not the case for 12 New Jersey charter schools, which will receive funding levels equal to what they had in 2008–a cut of more than $1 million.

Please note that this is an excerpt from May 2009 article on NJ.com


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