As of December 21, 2015

This is a list of generous supporters like you.  Includes all Annual Fund donations from October 1, 2015.

Visit our Annual Fund page to view progress on our goals and to learn more!


Individual Classroom Sponsorship $25,000+

Classroom Library Sponsorship $10,000+

HCS Cornerstone Society $5,000+

Lauren and Steven Calmas (M)
Cherie Tomkins and Bill Goodbody (R) (M)

Paver Society $2,500+

Denise and George Cahn
Dana and Cody Harrison (R)
Pollyn and Richard Horvath
Bryan and Karen Kelly
Devika Kumar and Vijnan Batchu
Rebecca and Ben Malinsky
Jeremy Morley
Sanja R. Pitino and Marcello Pitino
Valerie Sessa and Joe Fung
Gregory Usherovich
Kimberly and Dan Weiss

FoHCS Supporter Society $1,000+

John Berger
Marc Brennen
Lynda and Greg Early
Diana & Chris Faricelli
Laura Keating and Michael Lenz
Maureen Knoblauch
Virginia and Mike Mayer
Julianne O’Connell and John O’Connell
Karen and Christopher Platt (R)
Josephine Rokeach (R)
Sherra Weil and Dr. Michael Weil
Donna Batavia-White (M)
Nai Zhang


Shannon & Robert Albino
Andrew Belov (R)
Elissa Brachfeld (R)
Debra Cohen (R)
Amy and John Faucher
William Goodbody
Bryan Goski
Brigid and George Grode
Petra Hauff and Nicholas Wuorenheimo
Kim Huang & Michael Schreiber
Susan Hutar
Karlam Johansen
Marni & Russell Kriegel
Robby Lefkowitz
Carol Losos
Jane and Paul McConnell
Alissa and Michael Modica (R)
Felicia Neeley
Amy Porter
Patricia Rasberry and Ruth Hubbard Rasberry
Sally and Brant Reiter
Sally Robertson
Joanne Rudder
Ken Schept
Christine Sheedy and Brian Greer (R)
Arlene Silver
Miriam and Edward Smith
Liz Szabla and Gary Spector
Joy Wheeler and Brian Mullally
Dana Wissing

(R) – Active recurring donations (levels are based on annualizing of donations)

(M) – Matching funds have been applied for and/or received