As of February 27, 2015

This is a list of generous supporters like you.  Includes all Annual Fund donations from July 1, 2014.

Visit our Annual Fund page to view progress on our goals and to learn more!


Individual Classroom Sponsorship $25,000+

Classroom Library Sponsorship $10,000+

HCS Cornerstone Society $5,000+

Jason and Cindy Altberger
Steve and Lauren Calmas (M)
Bill Goodbody and Cherie Tomkins (R)

Paver Society $2,500+

George and Denise Cahn
Chris and Diane Faricelli (M)
Joseph Fung and Valerie Sessa
Scott Hofsess and Joanne Shu (M)
Alan and Maureen Knoblauch (M)
Thomas LoBue
Rob and Lisa McIntyre (M)
Marcello and Sanja Pitino
Dan and Kim Weisz

Brick Club $1,500+

Vijnan Batchu
Frank and Tina Berman
Oscar and Sally Burgos (R)
Amy Landucci (M)
Michael and Virginia Mayer
Eriko and Jeremy Morley
Jessica Poverene (R)
David Small and Candice Stern
David and Donna White (M)
Oda Wypior (M)


William Aarhus
Carlos and Diane Alonso
Oded Anderman and Maya Tadmor-Anderman
Stella Aurora (R)
Andrew Belov (R)
John Berger
Elissa Brachfeld (R)
Mladen and Anamari Bulatovic
Debra Cohen (R)
John and Amy Faucher
Meredith Glasser
William Goodbody
Brian Greer and Christine Sheedy (R) (M)
Seth Grosshandler and Kim Wainwright
Scott and Caroline Halstead
Cody and Dana Harrison (R)
Wendy Joyner
Todd and Alanna Kauffmann
Bryan and Karen Kelly (R)
Russell and Marni Kriegel
Ben and Rebecca Malinsky
Larry and Sue Martin (R)
Paul and Jane McConnell
Michael and Alissa Modica (R)
Leo and Kim Pellegrini
Christopher and Karen Platt (R)
Kevin and Amy Porter
Shane and Jennifer Powers
Steven Rapkin
William and Lisa Reulbauch
James and Josephine Rokeach (R)
Brett and Catherine Rosa
Stanley and Carol Runyon (M)
Kenneth and Susan Schept
Michael Schreiber and Kim Huang
Arlene Silver
Edward and Miriam Smith
Gary Spector and Liz Szabla
Christopher Tutino
Michael Weil
Nicholas Wuorenheimo and Petra Hauff

(R) – Active recurring donations (levels are based on annualizing of donations)

(M) – Matching funds have been applied for and/or received