As of May 24, 2021

This is a list of generous supporters like you.  Includes all Annual Fund donations to date for the current academic school year.

Please notify [email protected] of any inaccuracies or omissions.  We regret any errors.

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Mark and Shannon Frasier


Marcello and Sanja Pitino

S. Kapadia and S. Kolumeyskaya

Joseph Fung and Valerie Sessa

Michael and Catherine Ricciardi



Sugam Mehta and Monika Korolkiewicz

Danny and Tiffany Haddad

Deirdra Grode and Uday Venkataramu

Brian Susi and Ronit Gilad

Dylan and Dana Wissing


Timothy and Katherine Hahn

Eytan and Sivan Noy

Christopher and Cindy Wiegand

John and Elizabeth Berger

Nanci Tofski

Chetan Mehendiratta and Aditi Bhandary

Jeffrey Tennenbaum and Adriana Ojeda

Chris and Diane Faricelli

Arthur and Caridad Kennedy

Russell and Marni Kriegel

Matthew and Jacqueline Markoff

Christopher and Karen Platt (R)


Mark Virgona and Maja Gilberg

Paul and Liran Mignone

Shalom Sabag and Yael Evron Sabag

Vijnan Batchu and Devika Kumar

Dennis Santos and Stephanie Lang

Bhishek Choksey and Ashmi Dave

Alan and Maureen Knoblauch

Frank and Diana LoBue

Steve Calmas and Lauren Schickler Calmas

Dan and Kim Weisz

Diego Chavez

Russell and Patricia Fernandez

Darrin and Renata Lee

Giorgi Family

Greg and Lynda Early

Robert and Karlam Johansen

Seth Cohen and Sherry Pitkofsky (R)

Brian Pansy and Kelly Wilson Pansy (R)

Cody and Dana Harrison (R)

Little City Books


Devjit Nayar and Monica Girotra

Daniel and Anetha Brady

Giuseppe DeSantis

Katherine Pappas

Diane Bowerman and Nicola Hoelzl

Alexander and Olya Kurilovich

David Lambert and Kathleen Soule (R)

FoHCS Supporter

Angel Fernandez-Ruiz and Miriam Lafuente

Pete and Heidi Conlin

Sabrina Chowdhury

Keisa Parrish

Samuel Getz and Niamh O’Flaherty

Aurelie Jochimek


Kevin Gotimer and Daria Vogel

Stephen Wojciechowicz and Samantha Ho


Christine Sheedy

Jeremy and Eriko Morley

Peter and Jenny Milman

Adam and Karen Baumwoll

Ronald Pechtimaldjian and Wendy Joyner

Brian Critz and Laura Siegel

Peter and Susan Kreiner

Jeffrey and Meredith Goodman


Jennifer Bulvanoski

Sergio Neissen and Risa Becker

Steve Literati

Sylvia Schwartz

Frank Oliva

Emerita Diongzion

Pierpaolo Desi and Olga Fontanillas Desi

Desouza Family

Susan Kim

Anna Martin

(R) – Active recurring donations (levels are based on annualizing of donations)

(M) – Matching funds have been applied for and/or received