Dear Hoboken Charter School Families and Friends,

The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of all fundraising at the Hoboken Charter School. It gives our school financial strength and flexibility. Each year, the Friends of Hoboken Charter School asks families to make a gift to the Annual Fund. Our goal is to achieve 100% participation, with a gift that is appropriate for them. In the 2018-2019 school year, we had a 35% participation rate – so please consider within your annual giving.

The Annual Fund supports programs & initiatives that reinforce HCS’s commitment to social justice and service learning taught through learner-centered practices.  It also supports professional development of the academic staff and the school’s facilities- for which we receive no public funding.  Our goal for the 20192020 school year is $125,000. The below chart highlights the activities and initiatives fundraising supports.

Hoboken Charter School educates its students for almost 30% LESS than the district public schools.  The HCS board of trustees and administrators have been successfully doing more with less, but additional funding is needed to assure our kids will continue to receive the best education available. As a reminder, many employers offer a matching contribution toward non-profits which can sometimes double the donation.

Our children are all lucky enough to attend an amazing, free, public school. Supporting the annual fund is the one time of year when you can put a value on the priceless education our children receive at HCS.


The Friends of Hoboken Charter School

Sivan Noy, Patty Fernandez, Rob Johansen, Nicolas Wuorenheimo, Joseph Fung