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Dear Hoboken Charter School Parents and Friends,

The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of all fundraising at the Hoboken Charter School. It gives our school financial strength and flexibility. Each year, the Friends of Hoboken Charter School asks all families in the school community to make a gift to the Annual Fund. Participation by every family is important, with a gift that is appropriate for them. Our goal for the Annual Fund is to raise $100,000.

The Hoboken Charter School educates its students for under $14k per pupil. For comparison, the district schools spend over $24k per pupil. While the HCS board of trustees and administrators have been successfully doing more with less but there is still a significant need for funds to assure our kids will continue to receive the best education available. The Annual Fund helps bridge the gap between state funding and the full cost of the investment that HCS makes in its students.

The Annual Fund supports HCS’s commitment to learner centered education, new programs and initiatives, professional development and the school’s facilities- for which we, as a charter school, receive no public funding. The annual fund provides the backbone of the FoHCS commitment to the Hoboken Charter School and is a vital resource.

Parent participation in the Annual Fund signifies support of the school’s mission and is viewed as a measure of the school’s strength and community support. Our children are all lucky enough to attend an amazing, free, public school. Each annual fund gift, when added to those of other HCS parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends, ensures the continued excellence of an HCS education.

Thank you for your continued support,

President, The Friends of Hoboken Charter School

Julianne O’Connell
Sivan Noy
Patty Fernandez
Diana Faricelli
Rob Johansen
Nicolas Wuorenheimo

2018 / 2019 School Year Donations

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