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The Friends of Hoboken Charter School Annual Fund

The 2017-2018 academic year has begun, marking the 20th Anniversary of the Hoboken Charter School.  This is truly something special to celebrate!

In 1997, the Hoboken Charter School (HCS) was founded by a dedicated group of Hoboken parents and professional educators with the idea of bringing a specialized education choice to Hoboken families.  The school opened its doors that fall to fewer than 125 students and two decades later, now serves 298 students through its K-12 program.  While much of the success of the school is the result of the dedication of the administration and faculty, one of the most important contributors to our success is the support of our families, past and present.

Enrolling your children at HCS is both a choice and a commitment. A small school like ours needs our contributions—of both time and money—to provide the excellent education our children receive.  Funding to charter schools is carved out of the district budget and as such, we are expected to do more with less.  Hoboken Charter School’s per pupil funding is approximately 25% lower than of the district schools—yet think of the excellent opportunities awaiting our children every day.  When we were lucky enough to receive that phone call that we had “won the lottery,” we made a choice to send our children to HCS—committing to the mission of this school.

As part of that commitment, we ask that every family does what it can to provide direct financial support for this program via the Friends of Hoboken Charter School Annual Appeal.  Our goal for the annual appeal is to achieve 100% family participation.  If our families were to give $500 per child, we would easily raise our annual appeal goal of $150,000!

Annual giving is essential to our success and your donations make a difference! The Friends of Hoboken Charter School has achieved a great deal over the past 20 years.  We launched the inaugural program, expanded to a K-12 school, cemented our program’s place in Hoboken through a real estate investment on Washington Street, survived a 4-alarm fire, created a community of families, educated thousands of children, and changed the lives of thousands through our service learning partnerships.  The mission of HCS is to develop the academic, artistic, personal and civic growth of all its members through its commitment to service learning and learner-centered education. All money raised by the Friends of Hoboken Charter School goes directly to supporting the School and its mission.

This campaign to raise money is not meant to be a strain on any one family.  We recognize that this may be a financial burden for some of our families and we appreciate any amount you can offer. It is, however, essential that our families donate in order to show support for the quality of the program provided for our children.

As parents, we love our children, we love our school, and we love the opportunities presented.  Thank you for joining us and showing your continued support for the Hoboken Charter School.



The Friends of Hoboken Charter School


PS – You can contribute directly from our web site or by mail using this form –  Annual Fund 2017-2018.pdf.

2017 / 2018 School Year Donations

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