Donor Wall Annual Fund (2016 – 2017)


As of December 10, 2016

This is a list of generous supporters like you.  Includes all Annual Fund donations from November 1, 2016.

Visit our Annual Fund page to view progress on our goals and to learn more, or make your contribution now!


Individual Classroom Sponsorship $25,000+

Classroom Library Sponsorship $10,000+

Cherie Tomkins and Bill Goodbody (R) (M)

HCS Cornerstone Society $5,000+

Lauren and Steven Calmas (M)
Raina-Rose and Siddharth Fernandez

Paver Society $2,500+

Vijnan Batchu and Devika Kumar
Denise and George Cahn
Tanja and Ivan Loncar
Eriko and Jeremy Morley
Sanja and Marcello Pitino
Valerie Sessa and Joe Fung

Brick Society $1,500+

Cindy and Jason Altberger
Donna Batavia White and David White (M)
Lara and Jared Eisen
Pollyn and Richard Horvath
Gila and Thomas LoBue
Rebecca and Benjamin Malinsky
Jessica Nelson
Kimberly and Dan Weisz
Maureen and Alan Knoblauch

FoHCS Supporter Society $1,000+

Garima Goyal
Deep Kapadia
Virginia and Mike Mayer
Eliza Mixon and Eugene Smelyansky
Elizabeth Plapinger and John Berger
Sherra Michael Weil


Lisa Balouma
Elissa Brachfeld (R)
Heidi and Peter Conlin
Julie Cruz and Pedro Torres, Jr.
Shannon Dickson
Marni Fyling
Jeffrey Goodman
Maria and Claus Guglberger
Katherine and Timothy Hahn
Caroline and Scott Halstead
Dana and Cody Harrison
Kim Huang and Michael Schreiber
Robby and Andrew Lefkowitz
Diana and Frank LoBue
Carol Losos
Lisa McIntyre
Alissa and Michael Modica (R)
Ronald Pechtimaldjian
Karen and Christopher Platt (R)
Kai Ingrid Rebane
Josephine Rokeach (R)
Ken Schept
Dana and Dylan Wissing

(R) – Active recurring donations (levels are based on annualizing of donations)

(M) – Matching funds have been applied for and/or received