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Annual Fund 2014 - 2015 | Friends of Hoboken Charter School

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Annual Fund 2014 – 2015


The Friends of Hoboken Charter School Annual Fund 2014 – 2015

Dear Friends and HCS Families:

The 2014/2015 school year is now in full swing and it has been great for the Hoboken Charter School to START the year without disruption at 713 Washington Street and to have Chris Sell serving as Principal of the Upper School for his second year. The HCS community and so many supporters have helped us emerge from our period of crisis and normalcy is returning; however, even as the urgency of the post-fire era fades, the constancy of our significant ongoing financial needs remain.

The facts – Hoboken Charter School’s total public funding per pupil is approximately 30% less than that of the Hoboken public schools. For 2012/2013 Hoboken School District per pupil spending was $25,371 vs. HCS at $17,465, a difference of nearly $8,000! On top of that, NJ charter schools receive no funding for facilities or capital improvements and do not have access to state school construction funds or sources (grants, bonds, etc.) available to traditional public schools.

It is a testament to the HCS administration, educators, and staff that the school is still able to fulfill its mission of providing such an extraordinary educational experience based on service learning and rigorous academics. It is also a reflection of the commitment that the Friends of Hoboken Charter School has made to provide a minimum of $100,000 per year to supplement budgetary needs. In addition to meeting this primary commitment, fundraising must also be used to cover additional program expenditures, teacher continuing education and professional development, inflationary impact on healthcare and salaries, capital improvements, emergency funding, capital reserves, future facilities enhancements and repairs, servicing the additional $600,000 line of credit assumed in the rebuild and eventually paying down this additional debt.

Annual FundContribution Levels

As such, it is the goal of the 2014/2015 Annual Fund to raise at least $125,000. Many schools that offer the quality of education provided by HCS are private schools, requiring per student tuition ranging from $16,000 to $24,000 – with financial aid THEN offered to those for whom need is determined. Please think about HCS as the reverse — education is provided without tuition and then we ask our supporters and families to give what they can. For those who can consider contributing 50%, 25% or even 10% of the lower end of the private school tuition range that would be $8,000, $4,000, or $1,600 per student.

We ask you to make the determination of what you can afford to contribute to make HCS a stronger institution for our children today, for the children whose families cannot afford other options, to ensure that HCS can thrive in the future, and to build upon on the legacy of those who have founded, built, and rebuilt this school.

We also ask our alumni, all those who have passed through our doors, their families, and our broader community to continue supporting HCS in recognition of the important role HCS has played in the past and currently plays in providing educational options to residents of Hoboken and neighboring communities. It will ultimately be through an expanding base of supporters – not just enrolled families – that HCS will be able to deal with the inflationary and other financial challenges that lie ahead. Your ongoing devotion to the school is its future.

  • $25,000 – Individual Classroom Sponsorship
  • $10,000 – Classroom Library Sponsorship
  • $5,000 – Cornerstone Society – Personalized Granite Tile
  • $2,500 – Paver Society – Personalized Walkway Paver – 8″ x 8″
  • $1,500 – Brick Club – Personalized Walkway Brick – 4″ x 8″

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. Donations can be made to the Friends of the Hoboken Charter School. No donation is too large or too small. All donations are tax deductible!

Visit the Annual Fund Donor Wall here.

In past years, we have been fortunate that many have recognized the worthiness of our cause and have made contributions that have exceeded $25,000, on top of generous corporate support, in particular from Hewlett Packard in the form of a significant technology grant. HOW DO WE REACH OUR GOAL THIS YEAR? We need at least 5 contributions of $5,000 or more, at least 15 contributions of $2,500 or more, at least 25 contributions of $1,000 or more and we need everyone to contribute the amount they can within their means – and if that amount is $10, your show of support and participation is extremely meaningful. For those whose companies provide matching grants for charitable or educational donations, these additional funds are tremendously impactful. Whatever the amount, our hope is that the HCS community strives for 100% participation – exceeding the 86% range we have reached in recent years.

Please make your donation as soon as possible. Contributions can be made online here or my mailing in this form. It is time to look to the future for Hoboken Charter School and your commitment will make that future brighter and brighter.


Annual Fund Campaign Committee

Steven Calmas, Jane McConnell, and Alissa Modica

P.S. Please feel free to contact Steve Calmas to discuss other non-listed sponsorship opportunities, to share the names of individuals or organizations you think may be interested in supporting our cause, to discuss other ways you can support our broader efforts, or with any questions.


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